Baby's first pet

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What do you select for baby's first pet?

Firstly, your baby should be introduced to his or her new friend as soon as possible. Introducing piranhas into the womb is a little too early, though.

You have to consider compatibility as well. A tarantula has urticating hairs that will irritate you baby's sensitive skin. Otherwise, an iguana might be sensitive to the illegal drugs that your baby still has in its bloodstream just after being born. Cats are known for suffocating children by sitting on their warm little faces whereas a balloon creature from Alpha Centauri will do that but cause no harm. But the balloon creature can explode in a flaming ball that might be hugely entertaining but dangerous for your baby.

Dogs are out since they bark loudly and have sharp teeth. Birds might escape their cage and carry off your baby; parakeets have been known to do this often enough. Ferrets also have sharp teeth and hamsters will give you and your baby headaches from their constant dancing. So the one choice is clear:

Baby and python.jpg