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So far, Happycat hasn't expressed a need for pancakes. But you never can tell.

"BENSON BENSON BENSON" is the cry of a pet that needs and wants pancakes. This is quite rare, but is heard more often from dogs and cats than, say, parrots or hamsters.

Rather than standing there in shock finding out that your furchild can speak, get to work immediately making pancakes, making sure your pet can see that that is exactly what you are doing. Failure to do so will have dire consequences too horrible to mention here. And that's pancakes, not waffles, not crepes. You might want to have this phrase tatooed in reverse on your forehead, so that every time you pass a mirror, you will be reminded.

A single "BENSON" from your pet is common and should not be a concern. Neither is feeding them pancakes in moderation or balancing pancakes on their noses or heads if that's what floats your boat. After all, pet food is just recycled restaurant breakfasts, anyway. It is the 3-word phrase that you need to keep in mind. Handy tip: if you have a koala or other Australian animal, this will sound more like "BINZUN BINZUN BINZUN".

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