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They're good for your heart. The more you eat the more you become prone to flatulence

~ Some guy who didn't quite grasp the concept of rhyming

Fuel cell BEANS![edit]

A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device. It produces electricity from various external BEANS! of fuel (on the anode side) and BEANS! (on the cathode side). These react in the presence of BEANS!. Generally, the reactants flow in and reaction products flow out while the BEANS! remain in the cell. BEANS! can operate virtually continuously as long as the necessary flows are maintained.

Fuel cells are different from batteries in that BEANS! consume reactant, which must be replenished, while batteries store BEANS! in a closed system. Additionally, while the electrodes within a battery react and change as BEANS! are charged or discharged, a fuel cell's electrodes are catalytic and relatively stable.

Many BEANS! of fuel and oxidant are possible. A BEANS! cell uses hydrogen as fuel and oxygen as BEANS!. Other fuels include BEANS! and alcohols. Other oxidants include air, chlorine and BEANS!

Sinokannemeyeria BEANS![edit]

Sinokannemeyeria was a large, long snouted, Chinese dicynodont with downward-pointing BEANS! that grew from bulbous BEANS! on its upper jaw. The muscle attachment BEANS! on the back of the skull were quite small, which suggestd that Sinokannemeyeria did not have powerful skull BEANS! for shearing plants, unlike other dicynodonts. Most BEANS! chopped up food by sliding their lower jaws backward and forward. BEANS! fed by tearing plant material with the front of the snout. Sinokannemeyeria and the other kannemeyeriines descended from BEANS! similar to Lystrosaurus BEANS!.