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Geenwp.png Wikipedians have no article on B0rked. This is one of the reasons Wackypedia is so much better!

b0rked is 1337 speak for something that doesn't work.

List of things which are B0rked[edit]

  • Microsoft
  • A computer calculating Pi to the last digit
  • Your face! Hiiiiya Kung foo
  • Chairs with two legs
  • Houses with no walls
  • Visibility cloaks
  • Tuna soup on Tuesdays
  • Cats on Sunday
  • Marmite and Tomato Source
  • Doctor Who after we know his name
  • Harry Kim on Star Trek Voyager
  • Three digit ISBN numbers
  • Playing N64 games on your PC without a joystick (damn this keyboard!)
  • Desert Slugs
  • The Internets
  • Clocks with no hands
  • Millipedes with no feet
  • Spiders not in webs
  • The French
  • French people
  • French food
  • Windows Vista
  • Captain Picard with hair
  • Blue sunflowers