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The Awesome Squad is a team of super heroes from West City, Alaska. The team members include...

Chief Wannahakaloogie (Leader)

Levi Awesome Sauce

Presto Cool

Mikey Shark Boy

Jax Sun

Nick Jacobson (gained after the destruction of DNA)

In the year 2011, The Awesome Squad defended West City from the Russian/Mesopotamian Invasion. The Mesopotamians, who are really an alien race that has guided the Human race through history, (Built the Pyramids, helped the Nazis, created the Mayan Calendar) had invented a cloning machine that could make armies of any living being as long as they had a DNA sample. They gave this to the Nazis who stored the DNA of Julius Caesar, Billy the Kid, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Darth Vader, Al Capone, Napoleon Bonaparte, Apollo Creed, and Jerry Jones in a submarine. When the Nazis lost WWII, they lost contact with the sub. The submarine then drifted into an underwater cave, and settled underneath West City, Alaska. The Mesopotamians then hired the Russian scientist Jake Un-Cool to retrieve the DNA for them, and their evil leader Iamwill. Iamwill gave Jake an army of lame soldiers called Clays, and a giant spaceship to invade West City. The Awesome Squad were able to get the DNA samples before Jake. They then destroyed the DNA samples by smashing them on the ground. They then combined to create Nick Jacobson, a harmless pacifist who didn't want to have anything to do with Jake and his evil ways, so he joined the Awesome Squad. Jake was so furious that he challenged Levi Awesome Sauce, who destroyed the DNA, to a duel. After Levi dominated the fight early, Jake resorted to literally stabbing him in the back. Un-Cool then fled into outer space to find help from his master Iamwill.

The Awesome Squad followed Jake through outer space, encountering giant monsters and space pirates before tracking down Jake. They raided his ship and fought their way through an army of Clays to get to Jake and Iamwill. Jake tried to kill off the Awesome Squad by trapping them in a force field, but accidentally let Jax Sun out of his sight. Jax attacked Jake with a Flying Tae Kwon Drop Kick, and killed Jake. The team left to Iamwill's secret quarters, where Iamwill went back in time to the invasion of West City so he could get the DNA himself. He departed through this Time Portal and left the Awesome Squad behind to fight off The Rossinator, a robotic dragon beast that threw flaming crayons at the heroes. Presto Cool was able to finish off The Rossinator with his Diamond Sword of Awesomeness, and the team escaped through the time portal. They were transported to the moment right before Levi destroyed the DNA samples, and defeated Iamwill and Jake Un-Cool. This is the story of the Awesome Squad.