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This is a page for the most awesome video games ever made.

Skylanders Cheats[edit]


Dancing Chop Chop[edit]

Go to the level Bringing Order to Kaos. In the final boss, play as Chop Chop. Use his shield to block Kaos's lasers. If done correctly, Chop Chop should DANCE! (Note: ALL of these cheats are fake!)

Classic Spyro![edit]

On Flynn's Ship, do a two player and have one player be Chuck Norris. The other player should be Spyro. Then make Chuck Norris kick Spyro. Spyro should undergo a transformation and turn into his classic 19 something variant!



Make Missingno. evolve into Groudon[edit]

Catch Missingno. Corrupt your save file with GHOST. MISSINGNO should appear on the screen laughing. Then GHOST will take your side. Battle MISSINGNO with GHOST. GHOST must win. MISSINGO will start to evolve. Then, if you had a GROUDON in your Pkmn party, MISSINGNO will evolve into GROUDON!

Beat Chuck Norris[edit]

I'm sorry. Nintendo removed this because there is no possible way to defeat Chuck Norris. Because he is infinity times infinity of greatness and power, he is the divider of zero, and he is the great creator of Arceus.

Pikachu Kills You[edit]

  • Kill Pikachu with Mew.
  • Kill Pikachu with Caterpie.
  • Kill Pikachu with Magikarp.
  • If Magikarp succeeds in killing Pikachu, Pikachu will come back to life and kill you in revenge.

Catch Jijuwiju[edit]

Walk to Lavender Town. Crank the volume VERY high. Summary Magikarp. Keep playing Lavender Town music. Walk 7000 steps north. Jijuwiju, a mix of every Legendary Pokémon known, will appear if you press B. however you need TWO Master Balls to catch it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Cheats fo SSBB!

Unlock Weegee[edit]

Beat metal Fox 200 times. Battle Luigi with Annoying Orange. If you win, Weegee will appear and u must defeat him to unlock him.

Unlock Annoying Orange[edit]

Play as Star Wolf. Get 999% damage and then kill Meta Knight with one hit. Annoying Orange will appear and you must kill him to unlock him.

Unlock Missingno[edit]

Upload him from Red and Blue. Nuff said.