Awesome Destruction Disease

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ADD or Awesome Destruction Disease is an cronic disease that causes the person to vaporise in complete awesomeness every nanosecond. The  only cause of the disease is having two unbeatable people (the only two ever were Chuck Norris and Tim chappy) fight in a staring match. the only recorded instance of this disease is in Tim Chappy, in the Chuck Stairing incedent of 1905. Chuck Norris could not die (his life is infinity) but Chappy was not immortal, and only had the ability to always win. It was a very tragic incedent, and even our childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren's childeren will still be crying tears of unforgiving sadness. but it wont matter because Chuck Norris would have killed us long before that.