Attila the Hun

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Attila the Hun was a cold blooded killer. It is thought that his men destroyed the walls of Constantinople with torches. At least, that's what happened on Age of Empires II. And he also stole an innocent woman's pie!

Barney the Dinosaur[edit]

The armies of Attila the Hun and Barney the Dinosaur were engaged in a 100 year football game. Barney's army consisted of himself, Tinky Winky, Spongebob, Elmo, Bobert the Monkey, Emo Elmo, EmoGrue, Grue Hitler, a Grue, Emperor Palpatine, and Master Chief. Attila the Hun's army was George W. Bush, Ralph Nader, Darth Vader, your mom, Steve Irwin, Satan, Sherudo Garo from Time Crisis 1, you, Chuck Norris, Illogicopedia, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It was set up like a regular football game, but went into a 100 year overtime. Attila's team won with a field goal in the final second of the 200 billionth extra inning. Then Attila overthrew and ate Barney and took command of Barney's army


Attila's new army then invaded Rome, killed a Pope of Discordia, and burnt down the city. Nothing else was very important. Fuck all this, he stole my DAMN PIE!