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Attics should have plenty of ventilation.

So someone told you that you had toys in the attic? Well, let's take a look, shall we?

It's probably a pretty dusty place so since you're allergic, maybe you should put on a mask. You know, the one you never wear when you go out in COVID times? So up the ladder and voila! Hi, Fluffy! Well, now you know why your cat disappears on occasion – she's coming up here. And it's to read your old comic books. Wow, you sure liked Little Audrey. And there's a complete run of Alien Crotch Rockets From Mars. Those would be worth some money if rats hadn't chewed them up.

Aha! So you do have toys in the attic! Stop looking at me like that. What's that glowing thing behind the dresser? A portal? I'll just peek in and... Ohai, Cthulhu! Sorry to bother you! Carry on with what you were killing. Ftaghn, buddy!

Well, where did that come from? Oh. I see. You've got a copy of the Necronomicon up here. Wow! It's yours? I didn't know you were a follower. Now it's clear why you have tentacles showing now. Okay, you can put me down now. I'm not into hentai stuff if that was what you were thinking. So what are you... what's that noise?

RATS!!! Hundreds and hundreds of rats!!! Let get out of here!!! Run like hell!!! Okay, okay. Crawl like hell, then.