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The asplodermatic™ is a wonder invention that is used all over the world (you just never really see them using it, that's all). The complicated interface will be hard for one to comprehend, unless one reads the instruction manual. The asplodermatic™ can be bought in almost any store!(except all the stores). The package comes with the asplodermatic™, a user's manual, and a little blob that sucks on your head all day. All this only costs $4000 $3999.99! All you have to do is call the phone number 154-237-7678 to get it now! (phone number has expired).


The asplodermatic has been of great interest since the Middle Ages. People have been trying to invent the great machine, but many have failed. One example, is Merlin, who tried to make the asplodermatic™, but failed and made a useless piece of stick that can only do magic stuff, not explode peoples heads. Another attempt, was from the Chinese people, but made a giant piece


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