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Lhooq.jpg The perennial question of "What is an artist?" come to mind here. I don't have the answer but I know what an artist is not.

An artist is NOT:

  • All copypasta. The only wonder is "Did the Queen of Copypasta steal this directly or did she steal from someone sitting next to her?" Taking out the copypasta on this wiki made even the page size on my laptop shrink. Swear!
  • Scattershot. Did the Queen of Farts mean to mutate a website into something that would shame herself in front of the world? All those blank pages were quite refreshing on the eyes.
  • Someone who wraps themselves around the wheel by never finishing a project and just making up new nothingness for no real purpose. Making a blank page using the plural of a page that is also blank means... something?
  • Uncreative. Did the Queen of LOL have an ego so big that only "LOL" can fit on a page with it? WTF? O RLY?
  • Someone who cannot share his/her crayons. Does the Queen of Reverts have an issue with criticism? Apparently so. The nuns were right to beat you with rulers. I now only wish they should have given anyone passing by the school a shot, too.
  • Someone who pisses and shits on everyone else. The Queen of Unfunny once ruled this kingdom. Even the chipmunks left.