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Arkasoan flag.JPG
National Flag
Flag of Arkaso
Official Name The Arkasoan Republic
Time Period 1789-2057
Current King Evil King Ethanacacis Derringoth Refernitgazer The Third
Land Area 12 Square kilometres (1533 Square miles)
Motto If you don't like our food; get the Heck outta here!
Official languages Arkasoan, Super Japanese, Gibberish
National anthems The Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Natural Resources Pickles
Capital City Super Mega Ultra Evil Giant Castle....of Doom!

Arkaso is a country in the Southern Hemisphere off the coast of Chile. People live in tightly packed apartment buildings with leaky toliets. Neighbours are often nosy and like to leave bags of poo on their neighbour's window sill.


Tense. Very tense.

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