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Arizona is one of the last states in the Union, since they probably didn't care to join in the first place.

Arizonans like to make fun of California saying that it is full of psychos, murderers and white collar crooks. It turns out most of those criminals either came from Arizona or were found by the FBI in Arizona as the state has no laws. Arizona is thus the #1 place to hide bodies and stolen cash. They also mock California for having actual seasons and an ocean with waves and beaches. Arizona has one season and one wave machine and that is enough for them.

In Phoenix, roads just go right through what is called the Salt River, a wash with no water in it like most so-called rivers in the state. Then Arizonans like to play a game every 20 years when it rains and try to cross the Salt with rushing water in it. Nobody ever makes it and they all end up in the Gulf of Mexico for a nice scenic trip.