Apples v.s. Bananas 5

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Interviewer: Yo, bet you didn't expect another interview. Well, I didn't really eat a bagel for breakfast, anyway. That's right, I ate an orange.

Orange: Jerk!

Interviewer: And, yes, that happens to be who we're interviewing. If you're wondering, it wasn't the same orange that I ate for breakfast. I don't think you caught my name . . . well, I don't think you would've been able to physically catch it even if I told you but whatever . . . my name is Gregory Abraham. I'm interviewing this rotten citrus fruit -

Orange: I'm fresh from Florida, you big bully!

Interviewer: Alright, alright, fine. So, Orange, you were saying that you wanted to tell everybody something potentially important?

Orange: I did, in fact! I wanted to tell y'all that I should've been featured in this competition . . . I'm just as good as the next fruit. 

Interviewer: Well, I was just trying to choose two basic fruits, and I randomly decided that apples and bananas would fit. I'm terribly sorry, Orange -

Orange: Yeah, well, jerks like you sure have really weird looking braces!

Interviewer: Wait . . . what?

Orange: Yeah, your braces! You know, on your teeth? I wasn't talking about the ones on your butt.  

Interviewer: Uh . . . can we get back on the subject of -

Orange: Oh, right, right. Well, I was just saying that you're a jerk and, well, that's it. Feature me in the competition now, jerk! I'm better than those smart-alek bananas and goody-two-leaf apples! Jerk!

Interviewer: Well, I must say, nobody's going to vote for a fruit that goes around calling everybody insulting names and acting sour . . . and tasting sour!

Orange: Hey, you think I'm rude? You should see the tangerines!

Interviewer: I'm fully aware of the general behavior of tangerines, and yet, I must say at this point, and it is almost with tears I speak it, I'm done with the interview! You may leave.

Orange: Well, screw you, then!

Interviewer: Hey, don't get so squished off! Please leave. You were no help to the competition, and you wasted four minutes of my time. Get out of here NOW!

Talk about a wasted interviewer, eh? Still 0 to 0, and, uh, we'll say -10 for the orange if he's participating - have a great day, folks!