Apples v.s. Bananas 4

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Interviewer: Okay, so, that Gregory Abraham dude apparently went to jail for punching a cow in the face so I'm the new interviewer. My name is Jimmy Nuttrin and I'm going to . . . ah, let me remember what his instructions were . . . ah, yes, interview Saddy about whether he prefers apples or bananas. So, uh, I got Saddy with me today, and so, Saddy, do you prefer apples or bananas?

Saddy: Well, I always like the combination of two apples and one banana - if you know what I mean.

Interviewer: Uh . . . thanks for the metaphor, Saddy, but I'm being literal here. Do you like apples or bananas better?

Saddy: Well, let's see here. I think it would be easier to stick a banana up my butt so . . .

Interviewer: Not up your butt, you idiot! In your mouth!!!

Saddy: Oh, okay, you mean oral sex, gotcha!

Interviewer: What the . . . no I really don't, Saddy. God, you've got a really messed up mind. So seriously, do you like apples better or bananas better?

Saddy: Shut up already, faggot. I'm starting to get a little tired of your dick sucking question!

Interviewer: Hey, we do not talk like that here, Saddy. You know better . . .

Saddy: Yeah, go ---- yourself you son of a ----- go eat your ---- and suck your ----- and go to ---- you mother ----ing ---- of a ---- . . . 

Interviewer: Alright, out! Now!

Saddy: Fine . . . wait, actually, would you care to join me on Thursday night for another great Saddy Night?

Interviewer: Get out of here!

Saddy: Ah come on, please? 

Interviewer: Out! NOW!

Alright, final score for the Apples v.s. Bananas competition: Apples: 0, Bananas: 0, Winner: Undefined. Thank you and have a good day!