Apples v.s. Bananas 2

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Interviewer: Hello again, everyone! As you probably already know, my name is Gregory Abraham VIII and I'm pleased to be here today interviewing Hankster 1.0 on whether he prefers apples or bananas. Just yesterday, I interviewed a rather interesting fellow about it, but his vote was deleted due to complications you may already know of. So the score is still 0 to 0, but Hankster 1.0 will hopefully boost the scores a bit. Alright, so, Hankster 1.0, do you like apples better or bananas better?

Hankster 1.0: Well, it depends on numerous factors. But the most important one is whether the apple and/or banana are organic. Because if the apple's organic and the banana's not, I'd vote apple in a heartbeat. And same thing if the banana's organic yet the apple isn't - I'd vote the banana without any second thought whatsoever. Now, if neither are organic, I'd rather eat rotten cow poop. And the last possibility: if both fruits are organic, then it depends on some more factors. Should I go on, Gregory?

Interviewer: Uh, try to wrap it up, kid.

Hankster 1.0: Well, it also depends on how crisp the apple is and how ripe the banana is. And of course, there are many different flavors of apples, some much more tasty than others. So I could go on like this for centuries or I could just give you the short answer - it depends.

Interviewer: Uh . . . so you're not voting for either?

Hankster 1.0: Sorry, dude. Your question isn't giving me enough information for me to decide.

Interviewer: Okay, I guess. God, I try to come up with the most basic question ever, and yet people still can't answer it. See you later, Hankster 1.0. 

The score is still 0 to 0, but don't worry: Apples v.s. Bananas 3 is coming right up!