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Even these 36 things.

  1. Finding a word that rhymes with orange.
  2. Finding a word that rhymes with purple.
  3. Using "orange" as a word that rhymes with "purple".
  4. Erasing ink
  5. Installing Flappy Bird if you don't have it.
  6. Being the President for 8000 terms.
  7. Being alive for 8000 years.
  8. Being the First Lady if you're male.
  9. Having your first baby before your biological parents have their first baby.
  10. Having 4 biological parents (2 biological moms and 2 biological dads)
  11. Having 4 biological parents (1 biological mom and 3 biological dads)
  12. Having 4 biological parents (3 biological moms and 1 biological dad)
  13. Adding 2+2 and not getting 4.
  14. Evolving into a monkey.
  15. A 2-year-old winning a world record for oldest person in the world.
  16. Winning a platinum medal in the Olympics.
  17. Surfing in Nebraska.
  18. Being more twerky than Miley Cyrus.
  19. Turning 18 but not being an adult.
  20. Getting a waterproof iPhone.
  21. Having lungs and gills at the same time.
  22. Putting out water with fire.
  23. A chain letter being true.
  24. Getting arrested for stealing free stuff.
  25. Getting arrested for killing time.
  26. Getting arrested for vandalizing a coloring book.
  27. Spelling and pronouncing "Kauai" correctly without using any vowels.
  28. A wedding with 3 people getting married.
  29. A legless person doing leg lifts.
  30. A secret that everyone knows about.
  31. February 30th.
  32. Talking before you were born.
  33. Going to the center of a tootsie roll pop by licking three times without biting.
  34. Having a longer neck than a giraffe.
  35. A minute-long Happy Hour.
  36. Texting your own list of 36 impossible things while driving and not suffer anything.