Anvil and the Chipmunks

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Anvil and the Chipmunks is a movie based on that Alvin guy's real life experiences with dropping anvils on chipmunks' head. He thought it was quite humorous actually. All that stuff about him befriending chipmunks is a lie. He just keeps them for money. Well... the singing ones at least.


One day, this Alvin guy finds 3 chipmunks outside his window trying to maul him. Thinking he can sell them for money, he lets them in. They eat him. The end.


They eat pie, and then he teaches them how to sing, using only a musical score, and a electric chair chipmunk size. Simple. Then they compose tunes for funerals and stuff like that, they listen to it at a supermarket when suddenly Bin Laden bombs it, so they retreat to Mexico, where they find this bearded dude, Major Beardface. He kidnaps the chipmunks and forces them to do a tour round America, and while in a trailer, crossing a speedway, Road Runner runs past, and shortly after, an anvil crushes the trailer and everyone dies inside, including Major Beardface and the Jackson 5.

The end.


  • Alvin - Some dude who likes anvils, do not get his name confused with anvil and vice versa.
  • Chimpson 3 - Like the Jackson 5, only stupider and traumatized for life after a near-death experience in an electric chair.
  • Bin Laden - Bombs the supermarket.
  • Dead guy - Guy they compose funerals for.
  • Anonymous crowd in London - Filmed and used as funeral attendees, although they are carrying shopping bags, talking on phones and stuff.
  • Supermarket guy - Like, owns the supermarket?
  • Major Beardface - Mexicon guy with a sombrero, poncho, and others.
  • Road Runner - Guy who runs fast...he's not a guy, is he?
  • Coyote - ACME's best customer. I mean best. Shoots anvils out of hands, kind of like Iron Man
  • Jackson 5 - Die in a trailer.