Antarctican language

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Penguins make up an estimated 99.8% of the known speakers of Antarctican.

The Antarctican language is a complex dialect spoken in the earth's polar regions. Spoken primarily by penguins, it is the most widespread language in the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.


To outsiders (anyone other than penguins), The Antarctican language is notoriously dificult to understand. This is mainly due to the lack of Antarctican translators use elsewhere and the absence of an entry on Wikipedia.


Some examples of words in current Antarctican use today are:

  • I = ...
  • You = ...
  • I just had a really good fish = *Burp*
  • I'm very disapointed in you = SQUAAACCCKKK

This list is, however, pretty much representative of the contents of the Antartican dictionary. Researchers that have attempted to document the language have found that converting the spoken utterances to written format very hard. Some may argue, however, that they just dumb. Take the example below:

  • You are my telephone = ÍÏ˙(üÈi

This could prove the theory that Antarctican is a highly complex communication system, or simply reinforce the belief that the scientists translating it are just stupid.


Many critics, using the 'stupid scientists' theory as evidence have purported that the Antarctican language is, in actual fact, non-existent. Many agree with this theory.