Another day, another wombat

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Gimp has scene scrimping, I heard myself say...Gimp has scene scrimping, and alas for those who haven't a cardboard box that's all full (as opposed to 86% full, which is socially unacceptable) or haven't had a birthday recently. At least they have birthdays. Some people don't. The art of ripping things into tiny pieces, throwing them into a pile on the floor and then stepping on it. FACE-PALMED! How come it's easier to talk out of the corner of your EYEGLASS lenses, yet sliding across a table is easier (Without weights, of course). It's easier to put on sunglasses by mistake if you're watching a movie. But what if the movie itself was made by sunglasses? I hear there are some out there. Perhaps THAT CANADIAN FILM DIRECTOR is a pair of sunglasses in real life. Tap the bucket once a night at least, to soften it.

A loud noise. CLIFF that is either for climbing or plummeting or drilling. Dentistry. Sausages. MIKE, I'VE TOLD YOU, NO CARPET BAGGING. I heard an extremely fat person whistling in the bushes as pains many. Downward, up yard, sideways sliding into a railing, fence post, a wasted change that led to another one, which caused a slight discomfort in the lower back area. No, not the same, NO! Every sentence starts and ends with the same word, no it doesn't, not every! Slide your chair in closer to the desk. At least Einstein was moderately interesting, he had a bike, and a beard...A PIRATE.

Pilot, astrophysics lab, dog kennel, sausage links again inside the churning dust bowl that I flipped over and put inside another one as I STOPPED VENTING and started over, limping. Grimp has scrimping, was that a wombaT? Gimp has scrimping, gimp has scrimping.