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To be Canimeddled mit Quotes of brilliantness.

We only wanted to give him a tough name, so he could live up to his World Of Warcraft heritage. We got it so wrong

~ The Maximus parents on their avatar Gluteus

I can't mark this exam paper because the answers appear to be obscured by large amounts of anime

~ Thick examiner on my Level 2 cameo

I like making CJ fat so he can't run away!

~ Ronald McDonald playing GTA: San Andreas after drinking copious amounts of liquor

Anime Quote pages are over-done and crap!!

~ The red ninja turtle on quote-based articles 2 - the anime version

We know that breeding a tiger and a lion gives you a liger, but what if you were to breed a liger with the offspring of a bear and a butterfree? I'll tell you what, you'd get a Beanimerterflyger

~ Super Mario on hilarious cross-breeding Volume 2 - behind the scenes


~ Stereotypical San Andreas character on top of another of his kind

He's not ganimey, he's just confused and ganimey and likes ganimey sanimex!

~ User:MrMetalFLower|MeMetalFLower on the subject of bathing with your PSP

Shut up, drool!! ANIME

~ Mr T silencing over-talkative saliver that was interrupting the best part of his anime related duck

Shut up, aniMeule!!

~ Mr T again yelling at his pokemon who failed to beat a Lv 2 goat

No its animeuch too dangerous!!! You'll be killed!

~ Boy Scout advising a Nintendog on whether it should use the ropebridge

Yes please, can I have anime with that?

~ A customer in a shop answering the question 'would you like your console back?'

I wonder if anime will ever quote one of my hilarious comments

~ Sylvester Stallone pondering about his self-brilliance in the creation of anime movie films

I would like 3 potions

~ A man on how many he would like in Bumscape

Cool, italics

~ HelloMetalReich|HelloMetalReich enjoying having himself on his own quote list, that has then been hijacked and vandilised (legally) by an anime suffering from pixelation


~ Churchill yelling at Hitler's deceased World of Warcraft character


~ Gandalf yelling at some demon in a cave

Add an anime quote of yer own, if ye dare....

~ A sinister looking LV 7.5 boss daring you to add animequotes