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Anime is a noun that has started many, many, wars among such subjects as politics and religion.

So to keep a neutral POV we will split the article into two parts.

anime lovers say[edit]

Anime is a legitimate art form. So much love and care goes into it. Some people say it's perverted and stuff but they just don't get the point. It's really the most beautiful thing ever. Detractors are all weak-minded individuals and shall never reach a higher plane. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go try (again) to summon my hot shinigami so she'll show me how to do a ki blast and get revenge on all those weak idiots. You really can do that you know, have you ever seen Buddist mystics? I'm pretty sure it'll be even easier for me since I'm part Saiyan. Those exist too.

anime haters say[edit]

Japanese cartoons are fucking gay and only queer fags like them. Dude, cartoons are for gay babies and retards and anime is the same, except this is for pervs who are also babies like Michael Jackson. Lol, Michael Jackson iz fuhnny. Hey, you ever wonder what would happen if I ride a bouncy ball in the middle of the train tracks? I bet those anime fuckers wouldn't have thought of that, they're too busy jacking off to anime to do anything with their lives. nerds. I'm gonna go try tha- Ooh! Shiny!


All of them are smart, and strong, and they have great personalities... Except for the girls, but they're hot.

~ Anime lover

They're emos! All of them are either emo or gay, tell me one who is not gay or an emo! THERE AREN'T ANY

~ Anime hater

The characters in animes are basically like those in other cartoons, except that they remember the lessons they learn in episodes, and they die. Ho boy do they die, they're all probly ghosts by now...

The first-born son[edit]

This guy really reminds me of me, he is destined for greatness, but he is still a goof-off... when need be. Although he is often beaten up by small-minded, dark-souled, villains, he always gets back up in the face of sure death AND HE ALWAYS WINS.

Oh, this loser. Why does every anime have to have this loser? GIVE UP ALREADY! God, I bet you get no sex at all, too busy shooting energy blasts? I could kick your butt because I play football.

The torso[edit]

I don't think I need to say any more here, just feast your eyes boys B). Don't pay too much attention, you'll just get distracted, she doesn't do much, but she provides excellent harem for the hero!

This chick don't get NOTHIN' on hustla! If you think she's hot, you think Minnie Mouse is hot... I know I don't think she's hot... Do you think she's hot? ...I thought so.

The torn prince[edit]

Poor, poor guy, believes himself to be destined for greatness, but keeps getting beat! Doesn't he know that only the hero wins everything?

This guy is just as annoying as the hero, but I don't hate him because he doesn't win his fights like a pussy! This doesn't mean I like the show or anything, he's a total rip off of Rocky.

The hammer[edit]

This fool thinks he can beat a ki master because he has trained for all his life throwing rocks and things...

Now this is the stupidest part: The biggest guy always gets thrown by the skinny weakling! Don't they know it's impossible to beat someone who's bigger than you?

The jackal[edit]

Hold me! Touch me! A perfect combination of strength and sex-appeal! Of course when he dismembers and diembowels his opponents with black spirit rods he doesn't really mean it, he just wants to be loved and to be the greatest killer in the universe. He's a total teddy bear on the inside and since he doesn't like chicks, he's all mine...

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... it did. Is it a guy or a girl? Whatever it is, hje always has some messed up power that totally messes up peoples. And no one will kill him, no matter how much he kills other people and acts like a total emo! It's like one day he's a bad guy and another day he's good! That's dumb and it shows how dumb these guys are when it comes to good, consistant characters!

The juggernaut[edit]

A villain just as wicked as he is mysterious!

Dude, this guy is a disgrace to villains, he doesn't even talk like one! Why is he so calm? COBRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 1 - This episode takes place in the year ABDC. We find out hero mysteriously asking for ham and friendship through a desert of neon purple sand. This would all be very confusing to anyone not reading the previous 11 (unreleased) mangas, fortunately, I have. Though I don't know Japanese, I can make up a pretty good plot on my own.

I don't get it!