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The most insane show that wasn't on cable was called "Animaniacs". A show that was made by Steven Speilberg. The same guy who made Tiny Toons and he even had the Tiny Toons star in Animaniacs.

Their debut[edit]

It was 1930 and Bosko and Honey were heavily ridiculed for being TOO much like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So the animators of Termite Terrace, would make three Dog-Like characters (Something like Goofy) and they would call them Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.

Harman and Ising, who both created the Animaniacs, said that these guys will do anything and they would also wreak havoc a lot. So Ralph captured them and have them sealed into the Water Tower, but they would escape and return even before Ralph would catch them.

Their cartoons didn't make any sense and both Harman and Ising would be fired for this. The they were called for the studio, would never have their cartoons released until 1993. Even the ones with Buddy are vaulted.

Their re-debut[edit]

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In 1993, after graduating from Acme Looniversity, The Animaniacs would have their own TV Show alongside with Pinky and the Brain, The Goodfeathers, Slappy and Skippy, Buttons and Mindy, Rita and Runt, Hip Hippos, and Chicken Boo (originally to be called Chicken Boob, but like Plucky's name in "The Name Game"...that would cause controversy)!

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