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Maji Bougara. Likes. You. Mhmm. Settle down children and stand to attenion. We're going to press in from the left right and wrong sides sindwinders wind-ups of the battle fiord.

It is feared that due to lack of expenses being offered to my creditors keyhole the door remains unlocke-"a catastrophe"-"what'll we do"-"The foul stench of death is upon us"-"NOOOO my malibu barbie's malibu aherherwerwa"-"Quiet you".

Look up and you won't see the angry mob for they are currently stuck in traffic on the M4. But quake, QUAAAKE!!! because upon arrival and once granted access to your bedroom through asking very nicely mit Koalas on top will challenge you (and Al who was covertly hiding behid your ego in the corner) to a "fisti-cuffs". Do not attempt to distract the angry mob with your interesting wall paper because despite having pink highlights they are not super-intelligent blondes who would appreciate the way the colours and pictures of Noddy and Big ears merge to form a work of fart. I suggest the above: