Roman Empire

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Roman Empire
National Flag
Vexilla Romanum
Official Name Imperium Romanum cum sum
Time Period 4x+2y to 2099
Current Monarch Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Tiberius Claudius Nero Caligula Rufus Romanum III
Land Area -4 Square kilometres (1492 Square miles)
Motto Germania in Italia est
Official languages Latina, Shakespearean, Haettenschweiler
Demographic Composition 99% Ancient Roman; 0.9999999% Greek, 0.00000001% The Pope
Religion Jupiteriality, Deus Romanum sum, Godism
Deities The Emperor, Jupiter, CatMan, Die Vogel
National anthem World City
Natural Resources Tomatoes
Capital City Rome

The Roman Empire, not to be confused with Rome, is the largest city on the island of Deutschland. It, however, resides within the Papal State to the north of Shikkopleks, which is 93 million miles west of the Sol. The most important figure in Roman sithology is Mao Zedong, who is commonly referred to as "Mother Russia."

Stuff in Latin[edit]

Parva agricolam terra aqua sunt errarum mori. In Roma angusta Octavianus pulchra pater. Germania es est estis sum sunt deus. Terra Romanum, Humanum. Canem lector senator mordet.

Stuff not in Latin[edit]

Everything's in Latin, idiot.

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