An ordinary bathroom

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“Define bathroom...”

~ Guy on this article

And now, back to "AAh Feck their are monsters under my sink"


Here we see the corner of a bathroom. Pretty normal, right? Wrong. If I show you each area of suspicion, you will see why this is not ordinary.

One day, as I was brushing my teeth, I noticed in the mirror, there was something unusual.


LOOK! I KNEW IT! The Nazis are still at large and designing our bathrooms. These are just the shower curtains too! This is just the beginning.


And here we have the towel. Every morning you are washing your face... look at your towel. Be careful that Nazis are not trying to brainwash you using subliminal messages.

Window shades.jpg

And now, as you bring the shades down at night, so no one sees you defecate, someone is still watching, Hitler's Ghost....


And now, even where you walk, Nazis are still there. I'd watch out if I were you. I knew something was strange about bathrooms....

Now... let's take a look in the shower....


See the shower mat? Let's connect the dots.

And in the closet...

Huggies baby.jpg

Hmm what's wrong with that baby?

Will you ever think of bathrooms the same?

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