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Surprised Lemons[edit]

Once upon a time there was a lemony lemon. He was walking down a lemony road, eating lemony lemon sherbert and drinking lemony lemon juice. Suddenly, a lemony orange jumped out of the lemony shadows. The lemon had never seen a lemony orange before, especially one that could jump from lemony shadows right on to the lemony path in front of him. He was, therefore, surprised, and so jumped back and landed in the lemony road, where a lemony car was driving along. The lemony driver of the lemony car was so surprised that he threw his lemony arms in front of his lemony face and beeped his lemony horn. He did, however, forget the most important thing in lemony crash prevention, which was to remove his lemony foot from the lemony acceleration pedal. The lemony lemon that was surprised by the lemony orange got flattened into lemony jam. The lemony orange was so shocked that this had happened that he shot himself with a lemony gun in his lemony head. All the lemony lemons along the lemony road and throughout the lemony town were quite surprised.


There are only three people on Earth who have mastered the art of Squerbelfurt, and only six who know what it is. None of these people are me, so I have no idea what I'm meant to be talking about. Instead, I'm going to talk you through the steps of seducing a brainless zombie.

1)You put on our sexy zombie suit, available from all good Zombeez shops.
2)You carefully approach the zombie.
3)You tell it repeatedly about how inspiring its dull whine is and how skilled it is at bringing home the braaaaains.
7)You have now seduced a zombie. Why the hell did you do that? Stupid.


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