An article that is completely handwritten besides the title:The Translation

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See the original disaster before coming here.

Few can read the Fonch's handwriting when he's in insane mode... so I have left you this.

The typing behind the printing...[edit]

Ya it's true. so one day I went to ('to' is missing the T) die in a pit... It was fun. Did you know that sometimes you cant tell the difference between my Ns and my Us? look.'

(various N/U scribbles)

I bet you can't tell which is (scribble) which. I can't. Well anyway I thought it would be cool to have an article hand written. Look at this. I can draw wierd stuff.

(picture of a snake monster thing getting fed by stick people launching themselves with a catapult into the beast's mouth)

Ya, theres a snake thing eating guys. They are waiting in line for getting launched into his mouth.

You know, it seems like I have ADD, but I don't. I am just insane. If I were on the computer writing this, I would put a link to the page ADD, but I can't so I will say [[ADD]]

(Arow pointing to "ADD") I has brackets.