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The Amulet of Appendor is a legendary piece of jewelry that allows its wearer to add text or pictures to a wiki without fear of reversion by its admins. Forged in the depths of the mines of Moria and sold by Disqounte Jewellerie de Pierre in Carcassone in the Frankish Empire, it need only be worn to exert its powerful magic.

In the Middle Ages, it would induce monks to add whatever the amulet user wanted to manuscripts. Thus, many scribes were put to death for what was thought to be demonic possession when they added fart jokes about the king to their writings. In later times, the Amulet of Appendor would allow whoever owned it to place pictures of naked women in newspapers, leading to the tradition of the Page 3 Girls in The Sun and other tabloids. World War IV was caused by fighting over the amulet, which was powerful enough to erase all written records of that conflict. So the Amulet of Appendor is also a supernatural editing tool.

Today, the mysterious owner of the equally mysterious Amulet of Appendor is thought to be an immortal Crazy Cat Lady, since so many pictures of cats appear on the internet. This is considered to be preferable to the time when it was in the possession of LOLl33thaxxor, who embarrassed the governments of Russia, China and North Korea by vandalizing sites across the world and making it look like those innocents were responsible.


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