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The American Automobile Association (AAA, or Triple A) is a travelers aid group or club that provides maps and road service for members. This probably still does not include help for non-whites since the the club has never acknowledged or apologized for its role in discrimination against minorities in the past. it proudly points to it slogan of serving white travelers for over a hundred years.

The AAA was a major supporter of Jim Crow laws that discriminated in every way against black people. After all, KKK has three letters all the same just like the auto club. Plus they rhyme. If blacks or Jews happened to be looking for a Klan rally to get lynched, or a restaurant or lodgings where they were not allowed to stay, then AAA would happily arrange a trip ticket or TripTik for them to find their way there. "Special" maps were made for minorities that only showed roads that led over cliffs and into rivers. Since there was never any announcement that AAA stopped discrimination, it is safe to say they are still the same, especially in their annual observance of "Dress Like a Plantation Overseer Day".

Today, GPS devices largely replace such groups and unless the machines are set to "white supremacist" accidentally, they will get any person of color to the wrong place just like any white person. Since many motels in American are now owned and run by Indo-Americans, blacks, Jews and others can now find a place to stay anywhere unless they are not in the Brahmin caste.