American Arbitration Association

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The American Arbitration Association (AAA) is a group dedicated to solving disputes in the manner of King Solomon of the Bible. This avoids court costs and is binding.

The Bible story is that two women are fighting over a baby. King Solomon thinks and offers to cut the baby in half with each half going to each woman. However, he knows that the actual mother would agree to give the baby to the other woman in order to save it, which is what happened. This is despite most game-player Millenials and beyond wanting to see a baby sliced in half.

Fast forward to today, and the AAA takes the same approach, except they always cut the baby in half. If someone claims a half million dollar loss of their home or business in a disaster, and their fully-paid up insurance company offers to pay $5, an AAA arbitrator will ALWAYS decide to award $250,002.50. This is why AAA aribtrators are so respected by ISIS: blow up a whole city or not? Blow up half the city!