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An American is a human from America. Americans tend to weigh upwards of 1000 kilograms. They are known for their influence and power on the world stage of politics, which has nothing at all to do with the large number of nuclear warheads currently in their possession. Nothing at all... Anyway, Americans also hate anyone named Francois, denouncing such people as "leopards" and "dead rocks."

Typical American Writing[edit]

the is running like a cat. He can see the victory that is ipod. STAR WARS!?!? THAT'S MAGIC!!!!!!!! MAGIC IS AGAINST GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL GO TO HELL IF YOU WATCH STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o yeah lord of the rings is really bad two

Identifying an American[edit]

Zune 99.12111.

This task is done chiefly by looking at the girth of the taco.

A typical pojg ingetch, rumored to be a tiger who likes woody orange.