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This is stuff the government wont tell you and I don't deny that I'm one of them well anyway. No one knows that area fifty one really exists its a government facility for porno comics especially made for BUSH by BUSH. In all the pitcures no one is real they are all robots made by the other 50 areas. Plus pokemon exists its a failed experiment so we gave it to those chinese son of a bitches. Squirtle is a real perv he humps pikachu alot, I mean Pikachu's a perv too ever wonder why he never wants to go into hius pokeball and loves to be on Ash's shoulder?

So is Bulbasaur. his original name was ballsbegoneasaur he's really sick (that's why they kicked off the show, he kept knawing on mistys balls, YES MISTY'S BALLS shes not really a women but ash doesnt seem to care. Those damn Chinese turned it into a huge fukin show that aint right man at first they were made into whores for the wat we now call producers but it seems they got bored and made them stars which is natural since its the only way to become an actor in China at least.