Aliens did 9/11

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

[6:26:34 PM] <Taylor Karras> I know this might be unrelated to the 
                                  topic but...
[6:26:48 PM] <Taylor Karras> ALIENS DID 9/11!!111!!1
[6:27:08 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> and isn't it understood now that Bush is pushing 
                                  for fisa and eavesdropping cuz we're the ones the 
                                  feds are investigating
[6:27:24 PM] <Taylor Karras> Yes, but you should see the proof one guy posted.
[6:27:25 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> Bush doesn't care about looking out for us .. it's 
                                  starting now people
[6:27:29 PM] <Taylor Karras>
[6:27:46 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> THAT'S A FAKE Taylor
[6:27:50 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> you know that right??????????
[6:27:55 PM] <Taylor Karras> Not a fake
[6:27:59 PM] <Taylor Karras> Actually real
[6:28:02 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> yes it is Taylor
[6:28:07 PM] <Taylor Karras> How?
[6:28:20 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> are you really that gullible?
[6:28:29 PM] <Taylor Karras> I think so
[6:28:31 PM] <TruthBrigade> Taylors always here even before we begin...just looking for
                            someone to start something with, then call names
[6:28:48 PM] <TruthBrigade>
[6:28:52 PM] <gdamitpauly> YUP ITS REAL!!!!!!!!! i just looked at it.. omg
[6:28:58 PM] <TruthBrigade>
[6:29:03 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> pauly you're not helping any lmao
[6:29:17 PM] <gdamitpauly> SORRY
[6:29:21 PM] <gdamitpauly> NOT
[6:29:23 PM] <gdamitpauly> lmao
[6:29:24 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> Taylor it's a fake .. want to think it's real 
                                  go ahead and think that
[6:29:34 PM] <Taylor Karras> I also got a picture from the alien spaceship 
                             from the same guy, look.
[6:29:34 PM] <Taylor Karras>
[6:29:35 PM] <TruthBrigade>
[6:29:56 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> lmao lol
[6:30:03 PM] <gdamitpauly> i think he was on uranis for that shot taylor
[6:30:06 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> that's a blurry star trek voyager picture lmao
[6:30:13 PM] <TruthBrigade> lol
[6:30:31 PM] <TruthBrigade>
[6:30:38 PM] <JohnB from Memphis> Taylor whoever told you this and showed you the 
                                  pictures has taken you for a fool
[6:30:39 PM] <gdamitpauly> it musta been a CLINGON
[6:30:48 PM] <gdamitpauly> OMFG THATS FUNNY!!
[6:30:53 PM] <TruthBrigade> I'm a tall white
[6:30:54 PM] <TruthBrigade> lol
[6:31:17 PM] <TruthBrigade> callers?

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