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The site is so old, the latest it has are ultrasound pictures of Alicia Keys.

The AliciaKeys Wiki is a site celebrating the famous artist Alicia Keys. Unfortunately, it also celebrates copypasta from Wikipedia and boring copypasta besides. So if Russian and Chinese hackers haven't added any new content to the few pages that exist, there's nothing worth the visit. Why FANDOM allows this is because they can run ads and spyware on it and make money doing so; standard operating procedure for leeches.

The site is reported to be haunted by the spirit of singer Phyllis Hyman, unleashed by one member under different handles. What?! She was here, too?! I was not aware. So that explains the howling on my headphones.

Better that you go to Alicia Key's own site. But then come right back here, because Scooby and the gang are hot on the trail of that ghost.