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Algeria? That's that sexy English lady with the cooking show, amirite? No? Nigella Lawson, you say? Nawww, can't be. I think it's that nagging nerve pain. No? That's neuralgia? THAT'S the lady with the TV cooking show.

Algeria is a North African country? The hell you say. And a French possession for a long time? Huh. Sahara desert, you say? Well, the French can't get enough of beaches and sand, so that makes sense, I guess. And the French Foreign Legion was there? Yeah, them French movie fans can't get enough of Gary Cooper, Marty Feldman and Snoopy, so I guess that makes sense, too.

And lots of oil, too? Makes the sand kind of messy, no? So then repressive government and lots of angry and poor people? Figures.

Why do the machines of The Matrix tolerate this? Oh. Lube oil. Figures.