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Welcome to the best game in the world![edit]

Well, maybe the best game in this household. You control Alex, a student who does nothing but plays video games. And it's pissing off the Gaming God, 'cause Alex is one boring Sim to control. So they decided to mess with his head and spice up his life by throwing him into very dangerous situations so that God can have some fun for once. So prepare yourself for the best gaming experience you wil ever have, ever, entirley in the entire wide whole world...


This is Alex in game sprite form. Would have used his passport photo. But, he ate it.

"The Princess has been captured! You must save her by jumping around collecting unusual fire plants, stars that change colour and eat magic mushrooms. Hell the mushrooms are neccesary. Saving the princess every bloody episode is demanding shit"

Wait that's the instructions to Super Mario. Oh here we go, found the correct ones. Right, herewigoooOOOoo!

"You are an idiot. You have no options or goals in life. You suck. Until this game turns you, Mr. Alex... er... Alex Anderrera, into some super-duper super person. Only its a dream so none of its actually happening really. Oh no I shouldn't be telling you that. Its a secret. You goal is simple, save your flat mate from the evil shinanegans of Death, while surviving whatever the dream... I mean, crazy world, throws at you."

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Oh ya, that's the only thing that's stopping you. I've not even made all the pages yet. So yeah that's why it isn't in existence. Not finished yet. I'm still making this game fool! Bleee!?

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p.s. i look like a monkey.