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Alex Trebek is the 500-year-old host of the Jeopardy! game show.

Since Canada no longer has the death penalty, Trebek has been sentenced to be the host of a game show for life. He is required by the terms of his sentence to ask questions backwards and accept only backwards answers, though this is normal for residents of Newfoundland.

In 2014, contestant Arthur Chu successfully played Jeopardy! to maximize his returns, rather than playing it the Trebek Way. Thus, his buzzer was apparently sabotaged and Trebek pretended not to understand Chu's perfect English. It was later found that Trebek was angered when Chu maligned poutine off-camera, but Trebek has denied his membership in the Nazi party had anything to do with his treatment of Chu. God has already reserved a special place in Hell for Trebek.

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