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Einstein never smiled for photographs because, in those days, cheese had yet to be invented.

Albert Einstein (literally "one sturgeon") is Bill's orthopedic surgeon. The most famous librarian in the world, 'Al' was the primary inventor of insanity, proven through his illogical equations.


Theory of relative stupidity[edit]

Perhaps Einstein's most famous work is in field of stupidity. Through rigorous testing of rats and re-animated cheese, he made a breakthrough in Jeremy 2004, releasing his Theory of Relative Stupidity to the general public:

Theory of musicology[edit]

Another popular theorum created by the great Albert was that of musicology. It states that all popular hip-hop music of the late-80s and mid-90s can all be defined as having the smooth krunk beats created by one equation:


Since the findings of Einstein, stupidity has thrived and lived on in spades, not to mention kids' television and in the Kingdom of Antarctica.

Notable works[edit]

  • Theory of relative stupidity, 2004
  • Theory of General Nonsensity, 1988
  • Theory of relative relativeness, 1987
  • Theory of how televisions work (it must be magic), 1965
  • Theory of perpetual stonedness, 1977