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Alaska, America's fridge, is the 49th state of the Union. Just whose union is still a question.

The state is similar to Australia in that it has a lot of animals that want to kill you or might just give it a try for laughs. While many Alaskan humans are hunters, there is always a chance that while they are shooting at ducks, a grizzly bear will come up behind them and eat them, using their shotgun as a toothpick. While images of Alaska always show stunning vistas with mountains on the horizon, they don't show the black clouds of biting flies and midges that appear like magic in the spring. While they won't kill you, animals that are also plagued by them will go nuts and attack humans just by being cranky. This is why all Alaskan homes are reinforced with army surplus hardened armor, preferably 6 in (15 cm) thick or better. Still, many Alaskans perish each year not knowing that beavers and crows have learned to knock on doors, just so they can get medieval on someone's ass.

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