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      You are probably here by mistake and searching for Tac, no doubt?

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Afro Cat is your neighbor's best kept secret. It hides within you neighbor's closet's intestine. No one knows what it looks like, except for a Breadfish. And your neighbor. However, your neighbor goes blind, and you might have to call 555-7865. (They want to buy your house... don't do it!)#

This is an afro cat. Danger!

He is secret[edit]

Well, maybe she. But no one cares because my nose is pink and everyone seems to care about that instead for some reason. However, this "dolphin" hides deep within the realms of ones imagination. Hence, his value on the stock market rises because brokers think he is made of gold and is worth a lot of cash. The afro cats invade everyone's mind on wednesday the thirteenth. Do not ask me why, I am only dead!

My Afro Cat involves twenty bottles of beer. Afro cat is one of the most deadly xbox live players ever he once raped some one with a mic


Afro Cats look like what you like to eat, smell, gash, or stab, except with an afro. This often "arouses" you, so you want to have an afro cat or you will stay a virgin your whole life. :(

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