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Africa as seen from outer space.

Give us yer f****** money!

~ Bob Geldof to Africa, getting the wrong end of the schtick.

Africa, the home of the mighty Chazzlowoozit, relation of Pingu and carnivorous monster. Beware it!

Known things about Africa[edit]

As discovered by Frederick J Huddlesworth in his 1672 publication "Africa and its dangerous aboriginal tribes that eat you for tea".

  • Toto sang about Africa in 1982.
  • It's where Angelina Jolie goes when she doesn't want to be in America
  • Home to Kenya, where those really fast people are, and Obama's "birther" place of birth
  • Not home to Fatland, where all the really fat people are
  • Nobody cares about Africa except Bob Geldof and Sonny Bono. I mean, him from U2.
Can I go home now?

—Frederick J Huddlesworth

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