Aerodynamic fossil

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Back in late 1740's, odd fossils started showing up. Only one of them did not disintegrate upon being exposed to the oxygen hovering freely in the air. This specific fossil was called "Aerodynamic by, quite an odd group of people known as the Ancient Saddingtons. The fossil was also that of an unknown creature, which was classified as a dinosaur by its sheer mass. These bones were classified as this dinosaur: The Dorkasaurus. This unique fossil had capabilities beyond the wildest imagination of Homer (a retarded Simpsons character) which believe me, is pretty frickin wild. It could talk. The dinosaur was called named by an odd group, as a spoke of earlier. This group named it after themselves. They called it aerodynamic even though its capabilites did not correlate anything TOWARD aerodynamics. And Guess who named it. Yep. The 25 Dorks. And then I bet you can guess what happened next. But for the batch of you who have absulotely ZERO idea about what I am talking about, The indians declared war. Of course.