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Explicarea "marina" nu este ocupata inca, insa Adumelca se va termina de curand in asta.[edit]

Since the dawn of time, Adumelca has lived amongst people, dinosaurs and toasters of this world, roaming the landscape, eating large trees and generally being of nuisance to the ecosphere. Now, politicians are meeting to discuss this great threat to the environment: it is thought Adumelca is the primary cause of global warming.


UFOlogists believe this is a load of hippie bullcrap and want more wheatgrass.

There is, however, no conspiracy. Proof of this can be found in the fact the Adumelca does not even exist, except in the mind of the author.

I'm going to play Age of Empires. Anybody wanna play?

Later in the afternoon, more news popped in... "The true meaning of Adumelca is out there for sure, signs of evidence are perpetuous. Butt for the respect of Lord Darpanet the wise midget, The Internet will never offer to people but pure, genuine and verified information.", Michelle Odama - Associated France Presse

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