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Admin "ParisHilton" prepares to greet new members.

“Did you ask your mother first?”

“I was an admin once.”

“Yes, your 3,488-character title for you article is funny, but the admins in the other wiki on the server are complaining about it sticking out into their pages.”

~ a admin

“Tomorrow, I'll be sober but you'll still be an admin.”

~ W.C. Fields

“Since you are a vandal, no, I'm not helping you with format codes.”

~ a admin


~ a admin

“Make me an admin, and snap it up!”

~ Pedo Bear, from prison

“No you can't have ice cream right now.”

~ a admin

“Why U baleet mah pages BBBBBBBBB!, CCCCCCCC!, DDDDDDDD!, etc., etc.?”

~ angry user