Accountant's Quest/5

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lllogicopedian Public Terminal 1.0

> You sigh, and do something you'll regret for the rest of the week, a mythical and powerful ritual known as using your legs. The thing keeping you from hitch hiking back to your "abode" is twofold; you don't want to be shanked, but you do want a nice, hour-long bath in the stand up shower in your basement.

> Subtract 3 energy. If you have 1 energy or less, go back.

Eventually, you reach your unimpressive house, a crumbling apartment that could pass off as a hotel room. Its unclean exterior blends in like a chameleon with its interior. Your old Windoes 92 box sits in the corner, its wireless internet stolen from the Kentucky Fried Chicken down the street. Your refridgerator sits near your decades-old television, set along with it your toaster oven.

> You take your cash, five uggs, from the nearby computer desk.

> What will you do?