Accountant's Quest/1/1/3

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lllogicopedian Public Terminal 1.0

> You begin brawling with the barflies. Chairs and bottles fly as they, conspiciously, attack you in a uniform line, allowing you to pick off one by one. The bar flies have a ENDURANCE of 8 each. Combat begins! Each round, you chip off an amount equal to what you roll, and from your </nowki>'''energy'''<nowki> so too does your opponent. Refresh this page, noting down and subtracting from both totals, until one of you falls over. Some abilities will modify the outcome of this battle; the ability or item in question should note down (and be noted down on your character sheet) this quality. Use an online dice roller, preferably. Your dice = 1d4+muscle Opponent's dice = 1d4 If you win, continue...