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Born in 1769, Abgus Heath has won many Academy Awards, including: best actress, best in bed, your mother, and many others including best Kit Kat eater and school diary with most signatures in it. Today, Angus is a simple window washer, perving on Bill Clinton wherever possible.



Now an interview of gus by Rhys Poohberry:

RP: Gus, umm, what do you like to do when you're alone?
G: well rice, i like to frollick in the garden picking daises with my ken doll.
RP: What's your Ken doll's name?
G: Ken, you freaking reet card.
RP: What's your position on the Iraq war?
G: WTF? There's an Iraq war? I hope our troops are out of there in a few months (not a chance).
RP: How does Bill Clinton look?
G: Very small.
RP: What's your opinion on the Capital Gains tax?
G: Well, I think that if the government got off their asses and realised that there is a major increase in the electron particles in the slipspace rupture, then maybe they would fix the problem by directing a shockwave of neutrons combined with 30 DBs of Godzilla pooh, then maybe the capital gains tax would decrease...

In other news... Batman's died.

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