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ABBA is a Swedish pop group.

Its name is an acronym for its original members, Arnold, Bennie, Björn and Æthelbert. However, early on, Arnold and Æthebert were involved in a tragic accident involving buttered toast and a Christmas tree. They were replaced by Agnetha and Frida, the latter forced to change her name to Anni-Frid as the band had too much leftover printed stationery to just throw out.

In 1974, they entered and won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo, a song originally titled Portaloo. They then married each other, poured out hit after schmaltzy earworm hit while demonstrating their questionable taste in fashion. They finally hit the wall in the 80s, divorcing each other and going their separate ways. With the trillions they made, they bought Sweden and split it into separate kingdoms, each ruling their part with an iron hand while agreeing to an even distribution of reindeer and access to the Swedish Chef.