A public event of some sort

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A large crowd of people

had a beachball
they flung it.

It bounced off of them. All over the place.

It landed on me. I tried to swallow it, but it was toobig.

IT FLEW aWAY. Because I kicked it.
EVERYON TRUNED INTO A BEACHBALL, and the beachball turnd into itslef.

Some arms need to be present, inflatable people with arms

I've written an article in this format before, but never on a beach.

not that you cna tell where I wrote it, aside from the grains of sand that should be pouring out of your spekaer.s

THisi all seems highly unnecessaryy.

I THOUGHT very deeply about the impact, you are currently being tapped
it is altering your course drastically. I couldn't swallow you.

This article isn't really being written on a beach, it's being written n a room.

But it's withing serveral miles of abeach. A grain of sand may have drifted in.










Phyllis Hyman